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advertiZe your service with, a division of Global AdvertiZing

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Global AdvertiZing, LLC is a limited liability company, organized and operating under the laws of the state of North Dakota.

Global AdvertiZing offers independent sales positions selling on over 9000 advertiZing web sites within our network.   Independent sales agents may sell advertiZing, as well as web site construction, hosting and management.

Many customers who desire advertiZing services also can benefit from having a professional web site.   And many customers who come to us to have web sites built, also benefit from Internet advertiZing.

Independent sales agents earn 30% commission on sales.   These high commissions can provide significant financial rewards for full or part times sales efforts.

Someone with hunting property for sale can benefit from advertiZing at , as well as at  

Global AdvertiZing also offers exclusive sales territories as independent franchises.  Exclusive franchises for cities, counties and states are available.  Global AdvertiZing franchisees are able to offer a complete line of web site construction, hosting and  management services.  In addition, franchisees also have wholesale access to the largest network of advertiZing domain names on the planet.  AdvertiZing and web site construction services are provided to franchisees at 50% of suggested retail prices.

Initial franchise costs are typically only one cent per person population.   In other words, a franchise for a city of 50,000 people can be leased for only $500/yr.   A franchise for a county of 300,000 people can be leased for only $3,000/yr.   A franchise for a city of one million can be leased for $10,000/yr.  

Web sites available for sales can be found on the blue side bar of all globaladvertiZing sites.

Company information can be found at

Please contact Kerry Schorsch,, for further details.

Or call 701-579-4298.

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Global AdvertiZing, LLC
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