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advertiZe your service with, a division of Global AdvertiZing

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To meet the differing advertising needs of our customers, we offer both single ad, and multiple ad packages.

Single Ads: designed primarily for those selling "by owner," but also available to agents who only occasionally have properties to advertise, our single ad price is $35 for a two month, six month or one year listing.   You can pick and choose how many websites to advertise on; 35 on up, etc.. as many websites as your budget allows or as many websites you find applicable.

Multiple Ad Package: Place one $350 ad and get free bonus ads.  This is designed for individual real estate agents, or teams of agents, real estate agencies (or even private individuals with multiple properties to sell), or auction houses, our basic multiple ad package is a 3500 ad package priced at $350/yr (Or, $35/month).  You can select up to 70 unique websites to advertiZe each of any 50 of your properties. That price works out to ten cents per ad per year. This package offers several advantages, including:

  • Flexible: During our one year ad term, you may change, add, delete or rotate ads as you wish. If one of your advertised properties sells, you can delete that ad and replace it with another property.
  • Specific: For each of your 50 properties, you will be able to choose the 70 advertiZing websites that best describe each property.
  • Affordable: If you use all 3500 ads available to you,
    the price per ad per month on each website is less than one penny per month!
  • Convenient: We accept payment by check, most major credit cards or payment by paypal.

If you are interested in expanding your Internet exposure with this package, email me [email protected]  or call us at 701-579-4298.

Kerry Schorsch, President
Global AdvertiZing, LLC
[email protected] 


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