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advertiZe your service with, a division of Global AdvertiZing

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Let our Internet advertising experience go to work for you.  Your site will look good and convey your unique message to customers around the world.  Why try to reinvent the wheel?  After construction of several thousand websites we know what it takes to sell your products on the Internet.

Website construction - $400 one time fee. This is a basic 4 - 5 page web site.  We specialize in real estate, hunting and fishing providers, tourist guides and attractions, dog, cat and horse websites.

We also construct much larger websites than 4 - 5 pages, and also in other catgegories.  Websites larger than 4 - 5 pages or of custom uses will be built as  you require.  You will need to contact us for rates on custom websites.

We usually have your own "www" website online with 4 or five working days. 

Your $400 pays for the following:

 Domain name purchase with you as the owner of your domain name

Website construction

Website hosting for one year

Website traffic statistics are also available for an additional one time set up fee of $50

You will like our service.  Click here to view testimonials from some of our many happy customers:

Click here to see some of the successful websites we've built:

For details call Global AdvertiZing at 701-579-4298, or email:  [email protected]

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